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Why Should I Sponsor "The Banker Dude" Podcast or Website?

Because the majority of the people who buy your products, if not all of them, have had the need to receive honest and real financial advice. With sponsorship of the podcast and/or website, I can assure our potential consumers of our products, that they are getting quality products and services from both you and I.

If My Company Sponsors Your Podcast/Website, What Do We Get Out Of It?

You get a captive audience of people who are already thinking about their finances and budget. The main goal of the podcast is to be not just the ultimate consumer, but the ultimate SMART consumer. With the right partnership, The Banker Dude's financial acumen can assist in promoting and/or growing your product through strategically places ads, In-Podcast promos, whether they are pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll, up to full on presenting sponsorship of the Podcast.

How Much Is It To Sponsor Your Podcast/Website?

Since our podcast and website are relatively new, I am willing to entertain long-term partners for a reduced rate for podcast listeners CPM and Website Views CPM.

Prices can definitely be tiered for multi-episode buys on the podcast or multi-week website sponsorship.


What Is Your Sales and Marketing Experience?

Without getting too autobiographical, you must understand that my sales, marketing and promotional experience came from my association with Bank of America for 13 years, where in my time as banker and sales manager, I created 150-200 new relationships a month where I established a long-term banking relationship for clients which brought in millions to my former employer.

I also created an online music magazine in 2002, called NM in Stereo Magazine which featured arts and entertainment around the entire state of NM. For that project, I sold ad space on our website, and had major corporate partnerships with music labels to review and promote upcoming projects within our region.

I am adept at making sure your product or service will be heavily promoted through one or both channels of my project. Sales and promotion have been my whole life, and I would like to help some great companies out, while building my brand.

How to Inquire About Sponsorship

Please reach James Baca, "The Banker Dude" at 575-418-1228 or at james@thebankerdude.com for more information in regards to pricing and terms.