Meet The Banker Dude

The man behind the muscle dress shirt and dark, brooding sunglasses.

James B

The Banker Dude

Employed by Bank of America until 2018, James B brought a lot of practical financial advice to college kids in a college town. Bank of America reduced the number of branches they have in his area, ultimately leading to his termination. This was despite a successful 6 year stint in sales where he outperformed dozens of his contemporaries.

College students trusted the honest approach that James B had with money, where he never bs'ed them or oversold them as Bank of America or Wells Fargo would normally do. James B says that teaching someone how to manage money was the most fun part of the job.

Now that he doesn't work for "The Man" anymore, he is able to talk about money the way he sees things. James B has an account strictly for Vegas Partying. He puts $5 a week in an account for "Booze and Shaving Stuff". He loves sports, free or cheap porn, and snagging a deal for something he wouldn't want to pay full price for.

He is an elderly penny-pinching lady inside a gym bro's body.

To contact him, email The Banker Dude @

The Banker Dude's Mission

My mission is to get you to have a good time with your money, without causing overdrafts at the big, evil bank you have your account with, at the same time, saving you a little bit of money here and there.

I navigated through my 20s working for one of the biggest banks in the world making $10/hr. I had a great place to live, tons of concerts I attended, so much food I gained 100lbs in 6 years, and went to Vegas dozens of times.

I even had a wedding in Vegas with 2 dozen guests and I paid absolutely zero for their stay.

With a little hustle, and a little confidence, younger people with not a lot of money can live a great and fun financial life.

The Banker Dude Podcast

James B, "The Banker Dude" hosts a twice-weekly podcast about today's real money problems with today's younger adult. Our dollar is stretched so thin these days, so James will give you practical financial advice for real day-to-day issues.

  • How to stretch your dollar at a strip club?
  • What is an "ok" amount of money to spend on recreational cannabis?
  • Want to eat like a king on a ramen budget?

The podcast will go long-form into one or two subjects a week, plus hopefully in the future, you can reach out to The Banker Dude for financial questions we can answer on the podcast. Stay tuned!

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