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Episode #1: Streaming Services (10-29-18)

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The Banker Dude podcast is here and ready to give you real financial advice, ways to save money, and how to maximize every dollar, without getting into debt. No topic is out-of-bounds on the podcast!

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The Banker Dude blog will delve deep on questions about banking and money that impact today's younger generation.

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The Banker Dude has a store where you can buy all sorts of fun items. In conjuction with my side project, Why Your Bank Sucks, we have created a store dedicated to pique your financial curiosity, and thumb your nose at Retail Banking all at the same time. Books, Clothing, Bumper Stickers. We have it all!

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Other Projects from The Banker Dude


Why Your Bank Sucks Podcast with James Baca


The controversial podcast that gets to the meat of the problem that is customer service, ethics, and aggresive sales tactics at retail banks. Host James Baca was an insider at a major retail bank for 13 years, half of those running sales in a bank branch. You will learn how everything from home loans to lollipops are thought of through the eyes of a major retail bank. Why Your Bank Sucks will give you the straight information so you can understand the spectacle more clearly!

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TheBankScrewed.US is a blog that I created that will be a de-facto complaint department for all major banks. Users will submit their bank horror stories, complaints, and concerns on our Twitter or Facebook pages or by email. We will then post, with their permission, details of their bank horror story in a blog post.

Our job will be to highlight what is WRONG in the banking industry, all while making it quite evident to banks that we are watching and paying attention. We will also find a way to gather all the complaints that were made about a bank, and send the banks a published edition of those complaints, courtesy of TheBankScrewed.US

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Who is The Banker Dude?

James, The Banker Dude was created in the Fall of 2018 after his unceremonious departure from Bank of America. Bank of America would shun his unique brand of customer service and financial advice to younger adults, causing a further disconnect with how today's society manages their money.

What banker is going to help you budget for alcohol? What banker will give you tips on how to have a killer vacation for way under budget? What banker will give you practical life advice on money, and not treat you like just a number as the big banks do? James, The Banker Dude will give it to you straight.

Listen to "The Banker Dude Podcast" and see what all the fuss is about!

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